We provide the lowest cost filtered water coolers on the market. This is the best deal in Australia, with a never before seen pricing and service program. CALL 1800 234 913 and arrange your setup/installation. The days of buying bottled water are over, start saving money now (and the environment) and enjoy chilled filtered water in your office today...
Self Fill
Water Cooler
  • Perfect for the office, where you and your staff can enjoy filtered and chilled water, saving $$ on bottled water and soft drinks.
  • The portable, inexpensive solution where you top up the water bottle as required from your existing water supply, providing fresh tasting filtered water
  • The multistage filtration system removes chlorine, chemicals, taste and odours, leaving great tasting water glass after glass
Direct Connect Water Cooler
  • The ultimate in convenience for your office, providing continuous filtered water, without the need to buy and store expensive (and heavy) bottled water.
  • We simply connect the water cooler to your existing water supply, using non-permanent food grade tubing. It's just like installing a phone line or power point in your office.